Willow’s #BestOf2016

the-new-youOh, how my birth was not what we had planned…

My due date was November 6th, and on that day I felt like crap. I started losing my mucus plug and thought that maybe my overall mood and me being uncomfortable was normal. This being my first pregnancy I figured it was my body getting ready for the birth.

The next morning I called Heather at the clinic, we did a blood pressure check and it was high so we agreed to go to the hospital. My husband and I were at the hospital for an hour and then were told that I had developed preeclampsia and would need to be induced.

We had been planning for a home birth and I was in complete shock.

Throughout my labor, I remember hearing my husband and Heather talking about the U.S. presidential election. They were getting live updates and at one point I heard my husband say, “So far Trump is leading- but there is still about 3 hours left to go.” (Or something along those lines.)

It was 1130 at night and my labor was not going well. The doctors, Heather, my husband and I, all agreed that we needed a c-section. We were prepped and ready for surgery however the epidural was not working properly and I had to go under a general anaesthetic. Heather told me that everything would be okay and that he would be born on the 9th as it was now midnight.

I remember waking up and Heather showing me a picture of my handsome little man. She told me his size, what time he was born and the colour of his hair. After me gawking at his photo and saying how cute he was, she replied with “Oh, and by the way – Trump is president.”

It was so funny! I remember being in the hospital telling everyone about how when I woke up I was so shocked that my birth had gone that way, and realizing that apparently the votes did not go as expected either! ~Willow Perrinscreenshot_2016-12-24-19-02-04-1