Generations Midwifery Clinic is a practice group of registered midwives who attend births at home, the Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre and at Brockville General Hospital.

We are members in good standing with the College of Midwives of Ontario. The College website provides information on the standards of practice for midwives (for example when we consult with other health care providers). Our midwives are also members of the Association of Ontario Midwives. The AOM provides professional development education for midwives and also excellent, evidence-based resources for pregnant people. Generations is a teaching practice providing opportunities for clinical learning for midwifery and nursing students.

We serve the area 50 kms surrounding Brockville. We will accept clients that fall outside of this area in some circumstances – please contact us to discuss. If you are interested in midwifery care or birthing at the Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre, please contact us.  We can help!

We offer appointments in Brockville, Kemptville and Smiths Falls. Midwives provide care throughout pregnancy, during labour and birth and for six weeks after birth for both the client and the newborn. We attend births in people’s homes, at Brockville General Hospital and at the Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre. Our philosophy is based on three central principles:

  • Continuity of Care: You will meet and get to know a small number of midwives and you will know the person who attends your birth.
  • Informed Choice: You will be given as much information as you need and want in order to be a primary and collaborative decision maker in your care.
  • Choice of Birth Place: You will be offered the choice to birth in your home or the home of someone you choose, the Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre (for Kemptville clients only) or Brockville General Hospital. Your midwife will make recommendations if there are safety benefits to be considered.

You can read more about these principles here.

Midwives are directly available by pager for urgent pregnancy and newborn related concerns 24 hours a day. There is always a midwife on call for you. We have two on-call systems in our practice.

Primary Call: You will mostly meet and get to know your primary midwife. You will have the opportunity to meet the other midwives during your pregnancy. Your primary midwife is on-call most of the time but will be off-call every other weekend and for vacation time. The benefit of this model is that you have a very high chance that your midwife will be on call at the time of your birth. The disadvantage is that your midwife is on call and in clinic at the same time. When the pager goes off your appointments might be cancelled at the last second without time to notify you.

Shared Call: You meet and get to know two midwives. One is on call and one is in clinic. Then they switch. You will have the opportunity to meet the other midwives during your pregnancy. Occasionally, both of your midwives could be off call for the weekend. In this case, one of our other midwives would be on call for you. The benefit of this model is that appointments are rarely cancelled and you will have met both your midwives several times. The disadvantage is that you might not spend equal time with each midwife throughout your pregnancy. With both models you will enjoy the assurance that you will know the person at your birth and that the midwives in our practice share the same approach to birth.