our-clinic3Meet Generations’ Midwives, students and staff supporting clients in Brockville, Kemptville and Smith Falls and surrounding areas.


All of our midwives have midwifery degrees from an Ontario University but arrived at the profession along their own path.  We each contribute something different to the practice.  We particularly love this as it brings a richness to discussions and the resources we offer clients.  Some of us are certified to train other health care providers in emergency skills, some of us are educators, some of us are focused on research.  We all share a passion to offering quality care based on principles of informed choice, continuity of care and choice of birth place. Click here to meet Generations Midwives.


Our midwifery practice, like most others in Ontario, is a teaching practice. Every year there are more than 6000 people who cannot access midwifery care because there are not enough midwives available. We are committed to increasing access to care by building the number of midwives in the province.

Midwifery student placements are a minimum of three months long. Students build relationships with clients and are involved in all aspects of care. A registered midwife is always present for supervision and mentorship.

Most clients really value the involvement of midwifery students in their care. They have the opportunity to build relationships and be supported by two people instead of one!  Click here to read more about our current students.

Clinic Administrators

As the first point of contact you will generally speak with one of our fabulous administrators first. We are so blessed to have these women working with us and running the office. They are very dedicated to our clients! Click here to learn more about our front office staff.

 Second Attendants

The Second Birth Attendant is someone (other than an Ontario registered midwife) who is authorized by the College of Midwives of Ontario to assist at midwife attended births.  You can read the College of Midwives of Ontario Standard on Second Birth Attendants. We are lucky to have a lovely, skilled nurse on our team.  If you have a home birth, you will very likely meet Colleen.  Click here to learn more about her.