Meghan Jarzyna

I love my job! I often tell people that I have an even better job than the midwives. I get to know our amazing clients without the pressure of being on call.

I have a background in small business management and social work but managed to find myself working in a bank for a number of years.

I first learned about midwifery shortly before I got pregnant with my first baby. The fact that care was not accessible to all women due to a number of barriers motivated me to work in the community so that I could try and improve access to care. I had such an amazing experience with my midwife that I couldn’t imagine everyone not getting the same chance.

I’ve had all of my babies (three!) with midwives. The last two were home births. I love to share my experiences so feel free to ask about my birth/breastfeeding stories.

In my downtime I hang with my kids and awesome husband Geof. I like colouring, reading, being outdoors and watching far too much Netflix. Can’t wait to meet you!