Heather’s #BestOf2016


Donovan’s birth was by far my hardest labour and delivery. It was hard because of my experience with my  previous birth, my 1st son – 2nd born.  I never was able to wrap my head around baby #3 and that this birthing process wouldn’t necessarily follow that of #2.  So from the start I was in a very bad head space.  I so badly didn’t want the experience I had before but was almost willing it because that’s where my mind was.  I had a few brief moments of good head space at the beginning of active labour when we had a dance party to lift my spirits.  I knew my midwives trusted me and my body to do what it was meant to do. To get me in that space they played some of my favourite songs. This picture shows how much relief I felt once baby boy was born.  I was so elated to have baby in my arms.  My student midwife told me around 6pm that I would sleep with my new baby that night and she was right!  At 8:37pm I had my boy and I went to sleep with him in my arms.    The support of my husband was tremendous!  He stayed by my side the entire time.  He whispered encouragement, prayers and even some jokes.  He too, was relieved when Donovan was in my arms.  received_10153449032195248

One of my favourite memories of Donovan’s  birth was when Emma Beth (big sister) cut his umbilical cord.  It was a moment where I knew Emma Beth would be the best big sister to her new baby brother.  No matter how chaotic life will get she has determination and focus.  

received_10153449033200248When you no longer feel you can do it your midwife is there to speak truth, encourage and give support.  Thank you!


~Heather Perry