Pelvic Floor Health Matters: find out why & how to get a check up

How is your Pelvic Floor behaving?

Ok, I’ll take a second to ask; Do you even know what your ‘pelvic floor’ is?

For many people this might be the first time they have even heard of any of this! #TRUESTORY! And if you don’t know what it is then you probably aren’t sure if it is healthy.

Let me introduce you to the core of your entire body, the piece of the puzzle that holds everything up (your guts, your bladder, your uterus) the support for your bowel, the stabilizer for your hips and lower back…

Without further adieu…Please meet, your Pelvic Floor!


Ask yourself this,

  • Is your Pelvic Floor healthy?

  • Have you had it tested?

  • Do you know if it’s causing further physical issues?

Join Liz, a pelvic floor physiotherapist and our VERY brave Genia for her own pelvic floor examination LIVE!

Yes! Genia was brave enough to do this on Facebook live for our benefit, so we can be educated on why this type of examination is so important to our overall health. Did I say live?! Yes, She did this LIVE … ON FACEBOOK!

Together, Liz and Genia give us the break down on what to expect on your first appointment, then dig right in to the examination (no pun intended!)

Genia’s sense of humour throughout the exam keeps us laughing and going through the motions with her, all the while realizing that this type of exam isn’t as scary as it seems!

When should we be checked? Well, if you’ve had a baby and/or have weakness (do you pee yourself?), tightness, or pain (with sex for example), then your pelvic floor likely isn’t working well, and generally won’t get better over the years without treatment. The good news? This type of therapy can reverse or significantly help any of those symptoms as it is geared towards retraining our body to work properly.

So, go meet Genia in the exam room and see how easy the process really is, and what kind of treatments are available to improve your pelvic floor health. This is beyond the kegel days ladies!

Remember YOU MATTER! So shouldn’t your pelvic floor health matter too?

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Heather Mason is a registered midwife at Generations Midwifery Care. Read her story here.