Lindsey’s #BestOf2016

the-new-youHow I would love to relive that night! The 2 hours of amazing support from Heather and Colleen in safely delivering our beautiful baby girl, Clare. The breastfeeding support 10 minutes after birth during my first hour of skin to skin bonding. The outstanding personal care as I got showered in the comfort of my own home and crawled into my bed with my husband as we shared our first hours as new parents together. This is our first family photo 2 hours after birth and our most cherished photo of the 3 of us!img_3839

This was the most special night of our lives and we have our midwives to thank for making it happen. They gave me the confidence and strength in myself to get through those labour pains. It kept going through my head “when you feel like giving up it doesn’t get any harder and your almost at the end” which Heather always said, and it’s the 100% truth. Everything the midwives told us in those classes really hit home and replayed in my head during labour. I remember telling Genia during our day 3 visit that Heather read my body at all times and new exactly what was going to happen next. It really allows you to be in your own head space and connect your mind with your body knowing you’re in good hands.

When I made the choice to have a home birth I had the majority of people shaking their heads thinking I was taking a risk. I felt safe the entire time and never once second guessed my decision. Now I have my experience that I share with everyone who ever second guessed my choice and I believe I have educated them so they now feel differently.

Many thanks to the midwifery care team❤️  ~Lindsey Gauvin