Allison’s #BestOf2016

the-new-youHad to share this memory with you…

I was past my due date and getting pretty grumpy about it as my due date was before Christmas and it was now into January… Josée was over for a home visit and was all calm and lovely as Josée always is. She excused herself for a minute to wash up in my bathroom before examining me. She returned with a bit of a funny look on her face and she said casually, “Your hand soap is the pretty pink bar on the shelf, right?”

 I said “no…. it’s in the dispenser by the sink? The pink himalayan salt bar on the shelf is my deodorant.”

She burst out laughing and said “well I’ve been washing my hands with your deodorant for WEEKS!”

I laughed SO hard I think I peed my pregnant pants a little. We agreed it was good she figured it out before the birth! This is one of many happy moments spent in our home with Josée but I think it stands out in my memory as it was just what I needed as I approached 3 weeks post date! ~Allison McCabeimg_3626-1