Jessica’s #BestOf2016

the-new-youMy favourite Generations Midwifery memory of 2016 would be the birth of my son, Lucas.

It was a trying few weeks leading up to the birth itself. He was breech. Both Genia and Becky were very sensitive towards my situation and helped me to make an educated and personal decision in regards to a plan of action. I was offered a few options but in the end decided to have an ECV* done which ended up being successful at first but then the little monkey turned himself around. Again, I had another ECV which was successful to only have him turn again.  

I was so uncomfortable and frustrated and my midwives were very caring and supportive. I was so lucky. On July 4 I once again went in for an ECV, this time at the hospital with the plan to be induced should the ECV be successful. Twice the baby was turned that morning and then I was bumped off the induction list. I was at my end. So frustrated and disappointed .  My midwives could see this in me and acted so professionally and nurturing. Again they educated me and motivated me to keep pushing through.

I went home and started using a breast pump to stimulate contractions to help the baby to drop into the birth canal so that he would not turn himself around again. My breasts were raw, entire body was aching and I was exhausted. I was checked daily after that and although the baby was dropping my body was not showing it was ready to naturally go into labor. I was just done. I wanted to have this baby.

The morning of July 6 I woke up at 5 or 6 am and began doing yard work. I weeded all my gardens, cut my grass, raked my yard, cleaned my garage … and so on all before 8 am. I worked like a dog that entire day.  Again, exhausted and hurting we decided to take a walk to Cowen’s for ice cream. I felt like my body was shutting down as we walked. After getting our ice cream I went to sit down at the picnic table and what do you know, my water finally broke. My mom, sister, daughter and I all screamed with joy.

That right there was my favourite moment. Such excitement and relief.

fb_img_1481673455863We called Becky and she could hardly believe it. My journey began from there.  Lucas was born at 3:16 am on July 7 and I finally had my baby. Words cannot describe how grateful I am to have had such amazing women help me on this journey.  I felt like I was able to make informed decisions and that they supported me no matter what I decided. Thank you Genia and Becky. For all that you did for me and giving me a birthing experience that I will never forget. ~Jessica Chelchowski

*ECV is an External Cephalic Version. A baby is helped into a head down position by manually turning the baby from the outside.