Jeanine’s #BestOf2016

the-new-youMy favourite memory… I’m about to get all TMI here, but we’ve all gone there I’m sure? I had an appointment with Heather and Becky after giving birth, just before Halloween.  We got on the topic of hemorrhoids and how they happen a lot of the time while giving birth because of how hard you are pushing. 

We were talking about ways to help heal them. After discussing creams and rinsing well, the mention of cheesecloth came up… “Cheesecloth? Like Halloween cheesecloth?” I said with a questionable look on my face. “Ya, if you wrap shaved potatoes in some cheese cloth and compress the area it has been known to help,” replied Becky.

I said “I’m about to put out my Halloween decorations so I have some in there.” Heathers response to this was, “oh I’d get a fresh bag if you’re going to do it, it needs to be clean.” (thanks Heather haha!)  My response to this was “I will reuse it in my decorations.. I’ll just make sure a small child doesn’t touch that piece!” 

We had a great laugh for about 5 minutes, it was wonderful. Oh, the conversations you have with your midwife after she has seen bits of you that you haven’t even seen! Thanks Heather and Becky for the memory! ~Jeanine Smith