Happy Mother’s Day – How to support a new mama

Happy Mother's Day

Mothers Day always falls perfectly in the season where new life springs forth with the brighter sun. Tulips are just about ready and kids are lined up at the florists or garden centres for bright flowers for their mamas.  Its a cheery holiday where we recognise moms of all ages for the hard work they do.  For new moms, its a milestone and truly a day to be recognized during an often challenging time of learning the ropes.  Here are some suggestions for how you can make this Mothers Day truly special for a new mom in your life.

Keep especially in your mind and heart, those mamas who might be struggling; who may be far from their babies, struggling with sick ones, or with grieving, empty arms.  These parents need love and cherishing at this time, in thoughtful and meaningful ways.  There are some great resources available online to help these moms celebrate their motherhood in a personal way.

We sent a question out to our social media community about their most useful gifts in the early postpartum.  The feedback was great and summarised below in general categories.  All new moms should definitely have this kind of support in those early days.  In my opinion, moms should be should receive this support everyday!


One of the top responses from new parents around the world: bring us food!!  Any kind of food will do.  If you’re popping in for a morning visit, bake muffins or buy some pastries to bring along.  Plan to stay for the day to clean and bring a picnic lunch.  As a gift for the new family, how about cooking up some comfort food casseroles to stock their freezer with?  casserole

Or, if you live far away and can’t make it person, check out local food delivery companies like Skip the Dishes, who will bring piping hot meals to anyone’s door.  No doubt, the easier it is for tired new parents to consume, the better.

snacksThere might be a local caterer or baker who would be willing to throw together a freezer pack of muffins or bars, which can be an easy snack for breastfeeding moms.  No food gift would be complete without chocolate and a good bottle of wine too (ask your midwife about safe alcohol consumption while breastfeeding)



I think that we can all agree that there is never enough time.  Remember when you had your first baby and time flew by and days went without showers or brushing teeth?  Offer some time to that special new mom.  Time to shower or soak in a tub.  Time to nap because everyone says “sleep-when-the-baby-sleeps” but that may be the only window of time for the long list of everything else that needs to get done. At any rate, be prepared to stick around so that this new parent has an occasion to check out. BZ8E4S6BM4

In addition to time for mom, put time aside for siblings of the new babe too, or take the baby so mom can have time with bigger kids.  There is so much that time can do.  The most noteworthy thing to remember when you are the giver of the gift of time is to not have expectations for what the said time will be used for!  Some parents need naps, some need out.


When was the last time you felt it was easy to ask for help?  New moms aren’t very likely to outright ask for help but how many would stop you from giving it?  So just do it.  Take a look around and see where you can be of help, or ask a family member who would know what the new parents might appreciate.  Wash the dishes, walk the dog fold the laundry.

Helping out in these little ways can help keep at bay that overwhelmed feeling that new moms can get. folded-443509_1280 Help around the house often includes time and food.  Therefore, if you plan to visit new parents, in the hopes of cuddling a new baby, be prepared to help out so that new parents can be relaxed and enjoy the newness of their babe.


Consequently, if you do want pamper new moms with gifts this Mother’s Day, try something practical.  A gift certificate for a manicure or pedicure is a nice thought but only if it comes with babysitting services for a new babe and has an expiration date of 2 years from now, in case it takes that long to make it there. Presently, local companies are sprouting up everywhere with creative gifting ideas.  Check out Mom Friends, an Ottawa based company that has really practical care kits for the early postpartum.

In conclusion, new moms can be pampered in so many different ways.  What will she appreciate most though?  Encouragement, support, patience, and a whole lot of love.  Ultimately, all mamas need this, at all stages of parenting. Be sure to treat all of your moms out there this Mother’s Day.



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Becca Raper is a Registered Midwife with Generations Midwifery Care.  Learn more about her here.